Sunday, 25 May 2014

Relationship Behavior in MSCRM

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can create different types of relationships. Below are the relationships that can be created:
1.     1:N
2.     N:1
3.     N:N
In a relationship you can configure relationship behaviors. Below are the different relationship behaviors that can be configured in CRM:

1.     Parental
In parental relationship, any action taken on the parent record is also taken on the child entity record.  For example if the parent record is shared with a user, all the child records will also be shared with the same user.

2.     Referential
In a referential relationship, the action taken on the parent entity record will not impact the child entity record

3.     Referential, Restrict Delete
In a referential, restrict delete relationship, the action taken on the parent record will not impact the child entity record but you cannot delete the parent record until the parent record exists

4.     Configurable Cascading

Configurable cascading allows the user to choose the behavior they want to be apply. Below are the behaviors that can be configured:

·        Cascade All – This behavior performs an action on all the related child records. For example if my opportunity is assigned to an another user then all the child records should be assigned to the same user

·        Cascade None – This behavior performs no action on the child records

·        Cascade Active – This behavior performs action only on the active records

·        Cascade User- owned – This behavior performs action on the child records which are owned by the same user as parent

·        Remove Link – This behavior only removes the link for the child record without modifying anything on the record.

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