Thursday, 1 May 2014

Find vs Advanced Find in MSCRM

Which one is Faster FIND or ADVANCED FIND ?

Find :  Find perform a search on an attribute for which it is defined.
Advanced Find : Advanced Find perform search on the conditions and the attributes for which user customizes or runs it. 

Find : Normal Find is faster as it looks for one attribute and matches with that and returns the result
Advanced Find: Advanced Find searches for all the attributes and conditions while parsing through the records.

Find : Find is applicable on only active records and it finds only on 2 or 3 column which we have defined in the find view and even it returns any those column which is there in the view
Advanced Find : Advanced find is applicable to all the records and it finds all the columns and even it returns all the column and filter criteria can be on any column and most important

Find : Find filters on just one condition
Advanced Find : But adv find filters on multiple condition at one time.. 

So Find is faster than Advanced Find.

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