Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Plugin Assembly Table in MSCRM

One of my colleagues faced a situation where he had installed a plugin assembly into database but was not able to locate its DLL, and now he wanted to deploy it in some other server.

In MSCRM all plugins related information like its name, content, createdBy, createdOn. ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn etc store in PluginAssemblybase Table. You can get it by below Query result :
select * from PluginAssemblyBase
Below are some column description of PluginBaseTable :

Column Name
Store name of Plugin
Source Type     
Where the Plugin registered
       0 -      Database
       1 -      Disk
       2 -      GAC
Store content of DLL

These are the steps to get DLL from Content :

Get the encoded base 64 string representation of the plugin from PluginAssemblyBase table.

select name,content,*
from PluginAssemblyBase

Use that content and get the dll from the following site.

Set decode and export to binary file option there with filename having extension as .dll

Open the dll in the reflector tool and use the source code to build that assembly.

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